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SEO for Wedding Photographers

You take the pics, we’ll get you the clicks.

SEO Unchains You From Vendor Directory Bullies

You’re familiar with The Knot and Wedding Wire. They’re two of the largest wedding vendor platforms that aspiring newlyweds typically start with when researching vendors. 

They need a venue, a florist, a baker, a photographer, a DJ, maybe a videographer. It’s overwhelming to research each independently.  

The problem is that it becomes pay-to-play. You have to pay for “premium placements” to stand a chance of being found. It’s a never-ending process. That’s what makes SEO so powerful.

How Can SEO Help?

SEO helps your own website show up in front of your potential customers.

No More "Premium Placements"

As the premier wedding photographer SEO agency, we take a firm stance on avoiding conflict of interests. We only accept photographers in areas we do not currently have clients. No pay-to-play here.

Freedom to Succeed

You're no longer at the mercy of the the red and blue Vendor Directory Bullies. Your success is in your own hands.

Flexibility to Choose Clients

SEO ultimately provides a larger stream of potential clients. Meaning that you can choose the clients that would be the best fit for you.


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