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Hi, I'm Aaron.

That’s me on my wedding day. From the picture you can tell that I’m in front of a gazebo, there are fall decorations, and I’ve got good taste in watches. But, what you can’t see in this picture, is who’s behind the camera.

It was a coinflip.

The amazing photographer behind the camera is Paula from Luz Photography. My (now) wife and I realized how quickly wedding costs added up, so I figured I’d reach out to some vendors about the idea of me bartering my SEO services (I’ve done SEO since 2017) to help offset the costs of the wedding. Paula was the brave soul that figured “why not give it a shot”. I was hesitant to reach out to anyone about bartering services, because it kind of has a certain stigma tied to it. 

After working with Paula, I realized that wedding photographers were being backed into a corner with The Knot & Wedding Wire in a sense, and SEO was able to generate phenomenal results within the wedding photography industry. 

One thing led to another, and eventually I decided to transition to exclusively doing SEO for wedding photographers. You all are phenomenally talented and a pleasure to work with.