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Meet Aaron.

Aaron Cote is the founder of Pics and Clicks, an SEO consultancy exclusively for wedding photographers. With over five years of experience in SEO and a specialization in wedding photography, Aaron has helped numerous clients across the United States, Europe, and Canada grow their businesses and increase their revenue.

The Wedding Photographer SEO Expert

Before founding Pics and Clicks, Aaron built a successful career in SEO, generating over $10 million in revenue for his clients. His focus on actual results and the bottom-line, rather than certifications and fancy deliverables, has earned him a reputation for delivering top-notch performance in the industry.

Aaron writes new content multiple times a month for the Pics and Clicks blog and updates the Ultimate Wedding Photographer SEO Guide on a monthly basis. His expertise has enabled him to develop a unique approach to wedding photography SEO, setting him apart from competitors.

With a keen understanding of the wedding photography niche, Aaron has crafted a unique DSLR formula (Discovery, Strategy, Legwork, and Rank) that focuses on achieving tangible results for his clients. His dedication to continuous learning and staying current with industry trends ensures that his clients receive the best possible service.

In addition to his SEO work, Aaron has built a strong presence in the wedding photography community, collaborating with industry leaders and sharing his expertise at conferences and on podcasts. His commitment to helping wedding photographers succeed has garnered him praise from satisfied clients, who appreciate his results-oriented approach and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Aaron is the go-to professional for wedding photographers looking to increase their online visibility and grow their businesses. By exclusively focusing on wedding photography, Aaron provides tailored strategies and insights that drive real results for his clients.

Aaron’s commitment to transparency and open communication has allowed him to build long-lasting relationships with his clients. He has been praised for being a straight shooter who consistently delivers on his promises, leading to increased rankings and substantial savings on SEO services.

When it comes to staying ahead of the competition, Aaron’s passion for staying up-to-date with industry trends (he founded WedNav), tools, and best practices ensures that his clients receive cutting-edge SEO services. With a proven track record of success in the wedding photography niche, Aaron Cote is the ideal choice for wedding photographers seeking to elevate their online presence and increase their bookings. 

As both an author and a speaker, Aaron has shared his knowledge and expertise with a wide audience, contributing to the growth and development of the wedding photography industry. His work has been featured in prominent industry publications, and he continues to be a sought-after expert in the field of wedding photography SEO.

Whether you’re an established wedding photographer or just starting out, Aaron Cote and Pics and Clicks can help you achieve your business goals through tailored SEO strategies and a deep understanding of the wedding photography industry.