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How to Set Wedding Photography Prices in 2023

Aaron Cote
Aaron Cote

Founder & Chief Strategist of Pics and Clicks. With over a decade of experience in marketing and over 5 in SEO, Aaron has generated $10M+ in revenue for his clients. While the digital marketing world has lots of shortcuts, Aaron prides himself in remaining ethical and only pursuing marketing tactics that are fully above reproach.


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As a wedding photographer, you’ve honed your skills and developed your unique style. Now, it’s time to create wedding photography packages that showcase your worth and appeal to your ideal clients. In this article, we’ll discuss various strategies for pricing your services, developing irresistible packages, and marketing your offerings effectively.

Understand Your Market and Competition

Before diving into pricing, it’s essential to understand the market in which you operate and the competition you face. Research local photographers, their pricing structures, and the services they offer. This will give you a better idea of the competitive landscape and help you identify gaps in the market that you can fill.


Determine Your Costs and Desired Profit Margin

Next, you need to consider your costs and desired profit margin. Be sure to account for:

Direct costs: This includes equipment, insurance, travel, and other expenses directly related to shooting a wedding.

Indirect costs: These are ongoing costs like marketing, software subscriptions, and office space.

Desired profit margin: Your profit margin should reflect your skills, expertise, and the value you provide to your clients.

Develop Tiered Packages

Creating tiered packages is an effective way to cater to different client budgets and preferences. Consider offering three tiers, each with a different price point and service inclusions. These examples are not the definitive way to package your services, but instead general suggestions. 

Basic Package: Includes a set number of hours, digital images, and a private online gallery.

Standard Package: Adds an engagement session, additional hours, and a custom-designed wedding album.

Premium Package: Includes a second photographer, unlimited hours (usually ~12ish), and additional services like videography or a photo booth.

Be sure to highlight the unique value and benefits of each package to help clients choose the best option for their needs. Remember, consider your skills, what value-adds you can offer, what local competitors are doing, and how much profit you want per package. One thing worth mentioning is that if you don’t offer enough packages, couples may not think you will be able to accommodate their needs. If you offer too many, you can overwhelm them!

Offer A La Carte Items and Add-Ons

Give your clients the flexibility to customize their wedding photography experience by offering a la carte items and add-ons. This can include additional hours, second photographers, engagement sessions, and albums. These options can help you increase your average sale while providing a tailored experience for your clients.

Communicate Your Value

To justify your pricing, it’s crucial to communicate your value effectively. Showcase your expertise, experience, and unique style through your website, social media, and marketing materials. Use client testimonials to build trust and demonstrate your ability to deliver outstanding results. When communicating with potential clients, you should keep in mind that your goal is to help them switch from “can I afford this wedding photographer” to “can I afford NOT to use this wedding photographer.”

Regularly Evaluate and Adjust Your Packages

As you grow and develop your skills, it’s essential to regularly evaluate and adjust your packages to ensure they align with your worth. Keep an eye on industry trends, client feedback, and your own business goals to make informed decisions.

Remember that wedding photography SEO can play a significant role in connecting with your ideal clients. Consider working with a professional to optimize your online presence, ensuring potential clients can easily find your services and learn about your unique offerings.

By understanding your market, developing tiered packages, offering customization options, and effectively communicating your value, you’ll create wedding photography packages that reflect your worth and help you stand out in the competitive industry.

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